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The Temescal Over Time collection consists of over 1,000 historical documents— photographs, maps, ephemera, and more—relating to the Temescal district and surrounding neighborhoods. To search for a specific document, or multiple related documents, type in the box below a word or phrase that best describes what you are searching for. Then click the search button. For additional help with your search, see Search Tips blow. When your search word or phrase matches a search term that had been used to describe a document in this collection (known in archive parlance as the “authority list”), a new page will come up that shows a thumbnail image for each document that corresponds to you search. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring you to a new page showing specific information about that document.

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The results from your search will include only matches that contain all of the words (otherwise known as “search terms”) you entered. The more words you entered, the more restrictive the search.

If you search using two or more words, you may get more results if you type OR between words. This will give you results that match either word. Note: you must capitalize OR (example: streetcar OR trolley).

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You can narrow your search by putting words in quotes. This will search for a specific phrase (example: “Temescal Creek”).

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If you are having difficulty with your search, check for correct spelling.

For a list of all acceptible search terms (known in archive parlance as the “authority list”), click on Master List of Search Terms, below.