Temescal Over Time, a project of Shared Ground, is a digital collection of over 1,000 documents that relate to the history of the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, California. Through this website, you have access to photographs, maps, articles, ephemera, video, and more on a wide range of subjects about Temescal’s development over time. (For how we define “Temescal,” click on About, above.)

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You have several ways to find documents and information on this site. Search by Map brings you to specific geographic locations in Temescal. You can Search by Topic to access documents organized in nine broad subjects relating to Temescal. Clicking on Search the Collection or typing a search term in the box below brings you directly to the collection, where you can zero in on your search for one or more specific documents.

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You can also simply wander through this website just as you might set out on a walk to explore the Temescal neighborhood. Select one of the Featured Topics on the right and see where it leads. Or choose Search by Map in the navigation bar at the left, and click on any one of the 482 map markers to learn about that specific site. Or check out any of the Extras—Ephemera, Maps, NowThen, Timeline, Walking Tours, Your House’s History, or Video.