Since 1997, Shared Ground has produced several publications about Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood. Two are still in print and can be purchased from local bookstores or by mail order, while those out of print can be downloaded free from this website or found at the Temescal Branch Library.

Temescal Legacies: Narratives of Change from a North Oakland Neighborhood

By Jeff Norman

2006, softcover book, 184 pages, illustrated. $18.95 in local stores

Featuring interviews with long-time Oakland residents and including over 200 previously unpublished photographs, Temescal Legacies examines five significant changes since WWII to Temescal and surrounding neighborhoods of North Oakland. Details, including where to purchase a copy, can be found here. You can also find a copy of Temescal Legacies at the Temescal Branch Library and other Oakland Public Library branches.

Timeline/Lifeline: A Brief History of the Temescal Community and Fire Station 8

By Jeff Norman

2003, four-color fold-out booklet. Free (if mail ordered, $1 to cover postage)

Created as part of the Station 8 History Walk public art project, the Timeline/Lifeline foldout booklet features photographs and text that tell the interweaving story of Temescal’s development as a community and Fire Station