Ways You Can Contribute Content to this WebsiteSearch

To continue to support the usefulness of the Temescal Over Time website as a community resource, we welcome your additions to it's content. You can contribute content in either of the following two ways.

Share Your History

Do you have cherished family photos that you want to make sure are continued to be appreciated? How about materials relating to your Temescal business, organization, school, church, social club, or block party? If so, you can share these documents with the Temescal community by allowing us to make digital copies and add them to this website where they will be part of the story of Temescal. For information on how you can preserve and share your history, click on the Share Your History button.

Add to the Timeline

The Timeline, a feature of this website, by it's very nature is never complete. You can add to the knowledge of Temescal’s history (both it's distant and recent past) by submitting relevant Timeline entries. Corrections to the Timeline are welcome as well. To submit a Timeline entry or correction, click on the Submit a Timeline Entry button.

Add to a Location

You can add to the collection and the NowThen feature of the website by submitting an image of an event, location, or residence. To submit a new image to the collection, click on the Submit a Location Entry button.